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Last night

The convention was a blast. Spent much on prints and more on originals. But now are my luggage packed for the flight home tomorrow, going to catch some sleep now.
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Tok this from xxbalaaxx

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Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on grogssantara
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The amount of money you make as a pirate$37,909
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I am on nightshift now and have not much to do at the moment. That gives me the opportunity to update my LJ. It is only two weeks since the first entry.
Last week on Saturday I went to a local airshow, as I arrived a Spitfire did take of and shortly after vanished. An hour later it was confirmed that the plane,a rebuilt Spitfire, had crashed and the pilot didn't survive. Besides of that incident I saw some amazing acrobatic flight demonstrations. Beside of that it was a normal week with working(Early-shift), eating, sleeping and watching TV but not in that order. :)
Will see if my next entry is in less than two weeks from now.
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First entry and Birthday

So this shy boar, only sometimes, tries his first entry.

Also a god time to do so since today I'm a year older, already again? At my age it seems as time flies by :)
But beside of that it's a normal day, I went to work, whit a carrot cake for my coworkers, admitted that I don't do normally.

I wonder how often I will write something in my LJ as I don't like to write. Hmm.. well see.
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